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May 04, 2007


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Hi, stumbled upon your blog while searching for a good biog of Jane Austen, and I've enjoyed reading it. I've made my own pilgrimage to Bath because I wanted to find all the streets from Persuasion, my favourite Austen novel. However, I only live a couple of hour's journey away! Looking forward to the publication of your book.

I love this quote. I think that still happens! Women are always thinking that way!

I'm delighted to have found my way here and "meet" the lovely woman who wrote the book which is keeping me company even now. "A Walk With Jane Austen" is such a warm, lyrical work of art, and it has been a pleasure to learn about two authors at once. Yourself, and the beloved Jane Austen I love so dearly.
I will be adding you to my blogroll so that others can enjoy your writing!
- Jo

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